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Brazil to the Uttermost is your online resource for information and updates regarding the lives and ministry of the John Kokenzie and Jeremy Tyler families. We trust the information you are looking for is easily accessible from here. Please write us if you have any questions or comments. We will get back to you. God bless!



Our Sending Church | Temple Baptist Church | Powell, TN

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Nov 26

Written by: HostAdmin
11/26/2011 11:02 AM  RssIcon

Did you know our American holiday, Thanksgiving, so pricked the conscience of the 1941 Brazilian president, that he commenced the same holiday in Brazil? I didn't, and neither do the majority of Brazilians. I was doing research in preparation for our special Thanksgiving service and came across this information very unexpectedly. It made the service just that much more special as I told the folks about the struggles of our pilgrim forefathers as they sought religious liberty, and how that in Brazil they can celebrate the same thing, not just as an idea, but as an official holiday in their own land.

The service went very well. In fact, we had around 30 people, which was many more than we usually have on a Thursday evening service (and MANY more than expected). God be praised! We started with a "singspiration" including Bible reading and prayer. Then we awarded the person who brought the most visitors. After these things, the meal started. The young people were asked to serve the adults, which went very well. During the meal, I spoke to the people about the meaning of the holiday, how it originated, and how we should work hard to utilize it as a reminder of how thankful we should be. I concluded by giving the gospel, and several people prayed for salvation. Thank the Lord!

Please pray for this church and its outreach. There is still so, so much to do!

-- John

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Future Ministry Opportunities

Please be praying for these soulwinning opportunities--the World Cup of 2014 and the Olympics of 2016. Both are set to occur right here in Brazil. True Victory is the ministry website dedicated to the Olympics outreach.